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You may wish to contact the company that completed your survey. These records are maintained by the State of Florida. You can search online at the Florida Division of Corporations' Web site. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Apply For Divorced Married Name Change Pay Guardianship Fraud Search All Categories Public Records - 1.

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Public Records - 1. Search Official Records online. Call and request a search. You will need to provide the following: Full name or legal description you want to search Exact year the document was recorded or approximate date of recording Mail your request to the below address. How can I search Official Records for other Florida counties?

Please call our office at for information about affidavits. Print copies from the Official Records Listing. For additional information on ordering copies, see Photocopy information online or call How long will it take to get copies of documents? I got the error message "Application Blocked by Java Security.

Complete names of the parties Year, month or date of the recording Not required, but helpful in limiting the search Legal description of the property If applicable.

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You may have entered the information incorrectly. Otherwise, you could contact the Thai embassy for guidance. But, will that undo my legally married name? My middle name that I received in Confirmation, I use the initial in all my affairs. I just want my birth certificate, to show the spelling of my first name, the way i have been using it, my whole life since grade school I do not want the middle name added to the birth certificate, because that is NOT how my life happened. Thank You. Hello Joanne.

We suggest you contact the Amendments and corrections office of Vital Records in the area where you were born for guidance on how to legally change your name on your birth certificate. We got a lawyer to do the legal name change on the birth certificate. We got the court order for the approval of the name change on his birth certificate. What all does he have to do to get a new birth certificate with the correct name? Because he wants to go and get all his information changed at the bank, his DL, work, get his TWIC card, passport and report it to the credit bureaus since he has a lot of issues for credit due to the two different last names.

He was born is Pasadena, Tx. Hello Jessie. Thank you for reaching out to us.

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Since you already have the court order approving the name change, we recommend you contact the vital records office in Pasedena, TX for more information on how to proceed. I reside in Texas but born in Hawaii. Do I need to do a name change? If so, what state? They will be able to provide you with the proper instructions and information needed to make such a change. We hope this has been helpful for you. Hello Alicia. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. Each state may have different guidelines on how to correct a name on a birth certificate.

We suggest you contact the amendments and corrections department of the vital records agency in the state where your son was born for further guidance. I have changed my name via court order due to domestic violence and identity theft. The court has sealed the name change because of that so it was not publicized in papers. The department of vitals says they either amend or change the name. Will this be a problem with the official court name change papers given to them?

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This is NYC. As long as you have the appropriate court documents showing the change in name, changing your birth certificate with the vital records office in the city or state where you were born should be no problem. They may require additional documentation, but the agency will be able to provide you all the specific details for your situation. Thank you and best of luck. Hi I have my name spelt in birth certificate as karlas and each and every document right from my school results till my graduation as Karl and also all government document such as aadhar card, license, nationality certificate as karl.

Will I still be able to get passport as my name is spelt wrong in birth certificate. Great question Karl, thank you. Your name on your birth certificate will need to match the name on your other documents in order to apply for a Passport. The best thing to do is to contact the vital record agency that issued your birth certificate and ask about making a correction to your birth certificate for the spelling of your name. They will provide you specific instructions and any documentation they will need in order to assist you with that change.

Once you have the corrected certificate that matches your other documents and ID, you should be able to apply for your Passport without issues. In her passport and aadhar card name as Nihala Thiruthikkattu pulakkal as my name in passport. How I can change. Good morning, Nabeel.

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Each state has different regulations regarding changing a name on a birth certificate. Some states will allow for changes to the birth certificate without a court order if your child under a certain age usually a year old. Hope this was helpful. Hi so my name on my birth certificate is young gi go, with gi as my middle name. In school however I have accidentally putting young gi as my full first name for all my official exams and forms.

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Good morning, Christine.