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A higher deductible on your vehicle, for example, may lower your rate. Keep in mind though, that if you were to file a claim, your out-of-pocket expenses could increase. While you're tweaking your policy, also consider your coverage limits.

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You may be paying for more coverage than your state requires. Make sure you have the coverage you want, based on your needs. You may save on your auto insurance policy when you insure more than one vehicle. Most insurers will figure in the strength of your credit rating when determining the price of your policy.

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A higher credit score could mean lower rates, so take care to maintain a good rating. It's really that simple. If you have at least five years of driving experience and no accidents over the past five years, you may qualify for a safe-driver discount.

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And with Accident Forgiveness , we won't raise your auto insurance rates following the first at-fault car accident. You could save money on your car insurance rate if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device, full front-seat airbags or restraint devices that work automatically when your door closes.

Did you know that Nationwide has several easy ways to automatically pay your insurance bill on a recurring basis?

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